About Us

What is Fierce IPTV all about and who’s behind it?

My name is Andrew and I created Fierce IPTV through a combination of two of my personal hobbies.

(1) Keeping up with the latest news regarding the cord-cutting movement. I’m fascinated in seeing the progress and changes being made from more traditional cable to newer methods of consuming content like IPTV. It’s like watching how the radio became obsolete.

(2) I love the idea of creating something that is yours. To realize that if you push on life something will pop out on the other side. Real cause and effect. Writing, creating a website, blogging, making videos is a form of just that. I can have a small circle of influence by informing and providing educational content as to what’s out there. That’s pretty cool.

If you came across this and are reading this then you probably have similar passions as me. In that case, feel free to contact me.

Wouldn’t mind actually interacting with readers and sharing ideas.