If you’re looking for an IPTV Subscription there are many options out there. But which is the best?

Honestly that’s a tough question to answer. We’ve run experiments with many servers and what works well for one individual may not work well for another.

This actually happens a lot.

What we realized is that each person’s experience is unique when it comes to IPTV related services. Each person has different viewing habits, consumes different channels and shows. Therefore it’s impossible for us to just say that the one server is definitively better than another.

The most sound advice we could give you when it comes purchasing an IPTV subscription is, (1) choose a server that’s not new. One that’s been around for a long time. (2) Ask to see the IPTV channel list (3) Start with a one month subscription to test the waters.

It’s important to start with a month or three month subscription. Once you’ve found a suitable server which X’s all the check-boxes the next best thing for you to do is continue purchasing on a per month basis giving you the flexibility to cancel or if technical issues come up on the servers.

If you’re reading this I am assuming you’ve already have tried using IPTV before. You’ll know that the subscriptions are not perfect and once in a while you’ll come across channels that just don’t work well or begin lagging more than usual.

These issues are often temporary on an IPTV server but if they seem to get worse with time then it may be time for a change and why we recommend all users to be short-term minded.


List of the 6 Best IPTV Subscriptions

1. OK2 IPTV – The OK2 server has a lot of live TV channels. It’s excellent for both Canadian and American users. Also offers a good selection of UK channels. The server also frequently updated their Video on demand.

2. GOLD IPTV – The GOLD server has both Canadian channels and American channels. Large video on demand content offered as well. This server seems to focus on serving the South Asian community the best (hindi, punjabi, urdu, pakistani channels).

3. IPTV Express – Doesn’t offer any Canadian content. Best for American users and offers large Videoclub. This server has also been around for over 6+ years. Good selection of international channels as well.

4. IPGuys IPTV – This server is best for those looking for a stable and reliable live TV for news and sports. This server doesn’t focus on the Video on demand. Offers American and Canadian channels.

5. VooDoo IPTV – This subscription is best for specific international channels. It does offer Canadian and American as well and a large video club.

6. TVZON IPTV – This server is the only among the six which offers access to a 24 hour free trial. This way you can actually test before purchasing. It offers Canadian, American, International as well as a large video on demand.