If you’re located in Brampton you’ve likely seen many fliers and posters on people’s lawn and bus stops all claiming to have the best IPTV subscription.

Hundreds of people all shouting that they have the best IPTV service in Brampton. How can that be!?

They also claim 24/7 around the clock support, and promise 4k quality, with no freezing or buffering.

But you’ve likely tried many services and know they don’t offer 24/7 support and you’re likely looking for an IPTV subscription because you’re frustrated from the freezing and lag.

We try to be as transparent and honest as possible and if that’s something you value then I believe you’ll like the suggestions we have to recommend for Brampton residents.


Our Top 3 Picks For IPTV in Brampton

Arguably the best option for Canadians and Brampton users alike. It has all the live Canadian channels you would need like CP24, BNN and TSN. It also doesn’t make any compromise on International channels. So you get your Hindi, Punjabi, Pakistani, Gujrati channels. What really pushes this server to be our number one option for Brampton and Mississauga users is it’s video on demand that gets updated with the latest movies shows in Bollywood and Hollywood.

TVZON is a new server that’s hungry to take over the IPTV market. It has everything GOLD has to offer and is another option for users to diversify in case there’s ever an issue on a server. It has an even larger option of international channels if you need something beyond South Asian and English Channels. They also frequently update their Video on demand section.  

We put IPTV Express third on our list. It’s one of the original servers available in Canada and has been around for 7-8+ years. It’s really proven it’s server to be reliable and here for the long run. The only reason we put it at the bottom of our list is because last year they had removed all Canadian live TV channels off the server and they haven’t returned.

If you’re okay with no having Canadian channels then this would be #1 on our list. It’s one of the few servers that also offer Malayalam Channels which some users really value. It has large Indian, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujrati as well as American English TV channels. It’s one of the few servers that also has a time shift feature allowing to rewind live TV channels.

Word of Caution

Some IPTV subscriptions will offer 1,2, 5 years or even lifetime subscriptions to their service. I would highly suggest AVOIDING such options. IPTV servers go up and down in terms of quality.

What’s the best today may not be the best server 6 months down the line. Once the provider has your money (including myself) they are not obligated to ensure the service you paid for stays active. Primarily because they don’t own the servers they are selling because they are merely brokers or middle men to the end user.

This is why it’s best to purchase three month or on a per month basis. The shorter the term of subscription the better it is for you.

You should date not marry your server, if it’s no longer working for you, you can explore other options 😉


An Honest Provider.