Look, there are many options when it comes to choosing an IPTV subscription. But how do you know which server will give you the least headaches and not constantly freeze or buffer?

You also don’t want to give up some local Canadian channels that you may need living in Mississauga. For example, CP24, CBC News or CTV.

The best way to go about choosing your IPTV subscription is to first ask the provider for the channel list of the server. This can save you a lot of time and $15.00 which is often required to start your activation. Some servers like IPTV express don’t offer any Canadian channels so we can eliminate this choice.

Based off the channel selection it seems these servers are the most popular in Mississauga.


Here’s a quick breakdown of these servers specifically for the Canadian content they offer:  


IPTV Subscription Reviews For Mississauga:

OK2 Review:

The OK2 server has been around for 4+ years and still remains to be one of the best servers for Mississauga users because of its large selection of both live TV content and video on demand which hosts over 5000+ movies and shows. This server has Canadian channels, American channels and specific international channels you may be interested in (urdu, indian, spanish, chinese, and Arabic).

The server also is good for Sports and for Kids. One fan favorite feature is the 24×7 section which has most popular shows on a marathon loop.

IPGUYS Review:

The IPGUYS also has a good collection of local Canadian and American channels. This server also has a track record of being around for over 5+ years and still remains to be a stable option with minimal buffering. Believe this is the best server for those looking primarily for live TV content for English channels. The videoclub is small compared to other servers and doesn’t get updated often. 

GOLD Review:

The GOLD server is comparable to OK2. It has been around for four years. It has same Canadian channels as well as American channels. If you’re looking to get South Asian channels as well this server is probably the best option.

TVZON Review:

The TVZON server is one of the newer servers. It’s focuses also on Canadian and American channels. Has large choice for different international categories as well (Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Italian, Polish, Greek and many more). It has over 7000+ shows and movies on the Video on demand section.  

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