Setup Tutorials To Get IPTV on Your Device

If you’re looking to setup IPTV for the first time chances are you already have a device capable of streaming. There’s no reason you should have to purchase a new piece of hardware. We’ll guide you (step by step) on how you can set up IPTV on a variety of devices. We cover the most popular streaming media players used as well as teach you the setup process for different devices like Windows, MAG box, Dreamlink, Android, and Apple. 

Setup and Configure STB Emulator on Android

 The STB emulator app is the most popular app to get IPTV on your android box, android phone, or android TV.

How To Setup IPTV on SMART TV

 With a Samsung or LG Smart TV there’s no need to purchase new hardware. You can use either SMART STB or SMART IPTV app.

Setup IPTV Smarters For Windows

 IPTV Smarters one of the best streaming players for M3U IPTV servers. Learn how to install for Windows / PC.

Setup MAG 25/254/256

 MAG devices are one of the original IPTV streaming boxes. Learn how to program this device.

Setup IPTV on Amazon FireStick

 We’ll show how to sideload the STBemu app to get IPTV on the Amazon Firestick / TV.

Setup M3U with IPTV Extreme on Android

 We’ll show how to sideload the STBemu app to get IPTV on the Amazon Firestick / TV.

Setup and Install STB Emu on Windows PC

 Learn how you can download the STB emulator app on Windows to stream IPTV right on your PC.


 This app is only compatible with M3U playlsits. It’s free app best for Apple devices (iPhones, iPad, Apple TV) and can Chromecast to TV. This app is also offered through google playstore on Android devices.

Install IPTV Extreme on Windows

 IPTV Extreme is another one the M3U compatible apps only available on Android. We’ll show you how you can get it for Windows.

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Install and Setup GSE Player on Android

 GSE Player is one of the most popular apps for M3U playlists. Let’s walk through the setup for this app,