How To Setup IPTV on GSE Player For Android? (Updated 2019)

GSE SMART IPTV Player has over 1 million downloads making it one of most popular media players for streaming IPTV. In this tutorial we’ll show you how you can set up an IPTV M3U playlist with the GSE app on any Android device.

Install and setup GSE SMART IPTV for Android

The GSE players is one of the best IPTV apps, the interface is very clean and user friendly, I would particularly recommend using the GSE player for android mobile devices like the Samsung Galaxy.

If you’re using an Android box or Android TV it will still work just fine but I’ve found the experience is not as good. Luckily for you, the GSE player app uses M3U playlists and these are not restricted to one device or app as is this case for some MAC activated IPTV servers.

This way you can test a variety of different IPTV apps and then decide what works best for you.

Other apps worth mentioning:

IPTV Smarters
Perfect Player

How To Setup IPTV on Android With GSE Player

For this tutorial to work you’ll need an active M3U playlist.

Step 1. First locate and open the Google playstore from your android dashboard. You should be able to find it under ‘apps’ section.

Download GSE SMART IPTV Player on Android

Step 2. Search for GSE SMART IPTV Player app.

Google Playstore GSE Player For Android

Step 3. You should see GSE SMART IPTV by droidvision.

Google Playstore GSE Player For Android

Step 4. Go ahead an install the app onto your android device.

install gse player onto android box

Step 5. Once officially installed go ahead and open the app. Next we’ll walk through how to configure the GSE player.

install gse player onto android box

Step 6. When you first open the GSE app it’ll ask if you want to give it permission to photos, media, and files. We clicked deny and the app still worked just fine for us.

Deny GSE IPTV Access

Step 7. Next, we’ll need to load the M3U playlist to the app. Click the plus button at the bottom right of the app.

Deny GSE IPTV Access

Step 8. Click ‘Add M3U URL option’

add m3u url gse

Step 9. Click ‘Add M3U URL option’

add m3u url gse

Step 10. For the Playlist name you can write anything here. This is just for reference if you have multiple playlists. For Playlist link copy and paste the M3U URL.

playlist link gse player

Step 11. Once your done adding the remote playlist to GSE, finish by pressing ‘add’ which will begin downloading the playlist.

remote playlist GSE app

Step 12. Give it a few moments while the GSE player downloads, this can take a few moments if the playlist is large.

downloading playlist GSE loading

Step 13. Once loaded, select all channels group to load the list.

downloading playlist GSE loading

That’s all there’s to it. Should now have the GSE SMART IPTV player successfully configured with IPTV.

Here’s some bonus tips to make using the app.

How To Cast IPTV with Chromecast

One of the best features of the GSE player is the ability to cast via chromecast to your television. It’s one of the few IPTV streaming apps that offer this feature.

On android phone you can hard press a channel which will ask if you’d like to play the channel or cast.

how to cast IPTV to tv

How To Create Favorites in GSE Player

One of the downsides to using the GSE Player is the playlist for IPTV are not categorized. This makes navigating through all thousands of channels quite annoying. 

The developers have added a search function but sometimes you’d just like to browse randomly and find channels that reside in the darkness of your subconscious. 

The best way to combat this is add channels to your favorites and then sort through the list by only favorites.

1. To favorite it’s fairly straightforward. In the guide if GSE app you’ll see stars in the corner of the channel listing. Select this and the star will become highlighted.

channel guide gse player

2. In the menu bar next to the search navigation you’ll see another star, select this.

create favorites GSE

3. You can see all the favorited channels here.

how to sort by favorites on GSE SMART Player


Overall the GSE player app is a great app and get’s the job done. I would still advise trying the other apps out and see what tickles you the best (is that even a saying?).

If you’re looking for IPTV on the go then the GSE SMART IPTV player app may be a good fit since you can also cast to television.

For android TV and box you can also look into getting a MAC activated server with the STB emulator. 

If you like sticking with your M3U playlist then our personal recommendation is trying out the IPTV Smarters app (non-sponsored). 

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

We’re here to help.

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  1. Neil Jamieson

    I would prefer to use ok2 playlist on my stbemu app as after installing it on Smarters , perfect player , and gse I’m not happy with the lack of epg and too many channels to navigate through can you help please or can I use the free trial and change the portal


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