How To Setup M3U on IPTV Extreme For Android

One of the most downloaded apps on Android to stream M3U playlists is the the IPTV Extreme app with over 5+ million downloads. In this tutorial we’ll review some of it’s features (EPG, favorites, and parental control) and we’ll show you how to properly setup and configure this app on Android.

IPTV Extreme For Android

The only thing you’ll need for this tutorial is an active M3U playlist. There’s free M3U playlist you can pick up online and in forums and then there’s paid M3U subscriptions. 

Features of the IPTV Extreme app:

Chromecast Support Beta (we’d recommend GSE Player for chromecast)
Parental Control Feature
Integrated Player (Advanced and Light)
Auto EPG Update
Multi-EPG Support
Ability to Download on Demand Programs
More than 10 Themes
Time Recording
Ability to record live streams with time limit
Sliding EPG

Download for the free:

Download the pro version:

What’s the difference between IPTV Extreme Free versus PRO?

There’s no limited features with the IPTV Extreme free. You basically get the same app and performance as the pro version. The free version has ads which can disrupt the user experience so for $1.49 CAD or $1.13 USD you can remove ads.

We recommend trying the free version and see if it grows on you. If you find yourself using the app for hours then it would be worth the dollar for a better experience.

You can also explore other free alternatives to the IPTV extreme app and see what you like best for you device. The most popular apps on the market for M3U URL are:

IPTV Smarters
GSE Player
Perfect Player

How to install and configure the IPTV Extreme app:

The first thing we’ll need to do is download and install the app. This guide we’ll cover how to set up on Android. If you’re looking to get on Windows the steps are slightly different and we’ll cover that in another tutorial. 

Step 1. Open the google playstore on your android device and search for the IPTV Extreme app.

IPTV extreme Google playstore

Step 2. Download and install the IPTV Extreme app developed by Paolo Turatti.

download IPTV Extreme for IPTV

Step 3. When you open the app for first time it will ask for access to photos, media, and files. It’s up to you if you’d like to give permission but we pressed denied and loaded the M3U playlist without any issues.

iptv extreme pro for M3U playlist

Step 4. Next we would need to add our IPTV M3U playlist. You can ‘click here’ or go under the menu.

add m3u url to iptv extreme

Step 5. From the menu we can select Playlist and then add the URL.

add playlist iptv extreme

Step 6. The Extreme app will give two options to add playlist or update infos. Select Add Playlist.

m3u url iptv extreme android

Step 7. There’s different ways we can upload our playlist. We’ll go with the file or link to playlist. From this option we can copy and paste the URL. On Android box or firestick copy & pasting the M3U URL may be hard. You could sign in using Xtream Codes Portal.

Note: The provider should have provided you with portal URL and M3U playlist. The playlist would look like: http://SERVER:8000/get.php?username=XXXXX&password=XXXXX&type=m3u_plus&output=ts

From this we can pull the following:

The portal URL is often everything before the /get.php so in this case:

If there’s any issue with this, contact your provider to get the right information to sign in using Xtream code.

add file or link to playlist

Step 8. For Playlist name you can write anything. For Playlist link you will need to copy and paste the working M3U playlist.

playlist name for iptv extreme

Step 9. Once you click ‘OK’ it will start downloading the playlist. Give it a moment to load, depending on the size of the amount of IPTV channels it could take a minute.

download playlist extreme pro app

Step 1o. Allow consent to the IPTV Extreme app.

iptv extreme consent

Step 11. The playlist was successfully loaded. Here’s what the Extreme IPTV guide looks like. At the top is a scrollable bar with all the different categories this server offers.

EPG guide on iptv extreme

How To Add Favorites in IPTV Extreme App

To add favorites you would need to long-press the channel you’d like to add. This is easier on an Android phone than on an Android box.

The basic remotes that comes with the device usually has mouse cursor capability. You could use that but the purpose of creating favorites is to make navigation easier and this method is quite tedious. In cases like this it’s often beneficial for users to have wireless keyboard remotes for android boxes. It’ll make things like favoriting and searching much easier.

add favorites in extreme app

To sort by only favorites you would just click the favorites tab on the top. Here you can find all channels you’ve added.

sort by favorites

How to use Parental Control to block adult section of IPTV

If you have other family or children using the service on your device then you may want to consider restricting certain content like ‘for adults’ category and when compared to the others app IPTV Extreme makes this extremely easy.

Step 1. To lock adult channels select the Keylock at the top. We can lock specific channels but in this tutorial I want to block the entire adult section.

lock channels iptv extreme

Step 2. Next we’ll need to set up a pin.

adult pin extreme

Step 3. We can select the categories we want to restrict. In this case we’ll just disable for adults.

lock for adults iptv extreme


Overall the IPTV Extreme app is well developed and has a lot of cool features. It definitely does what it’s suppose to. But is it the best IPTV app for M3U playlist… I don’t know.

This is why I suggest you explore all options and decide for yourself.

Let me know what your favorite IPTV players for M3U are. If you have any questions about setting up on your device do let me know in the comment.

Will try to help where we can.


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